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CII (Cole Instruments, Incorporated) offers a line of specially designed hair transplant devices representing the latest technology for use in Follicular Unit Extraction or “FUE” hair transplants.

Cole Instruments offers hair transplant instruments around the hair transplant. Of instruments for recipient site creation such as our Personna Plus® Scalpel Blades, but also Forceps to insert the grafts. Cole instruments offer also devices and machines which help the hair surgeons (physicians) to be less tired and that they can transplant more grafts per day, such as our PCID, a automated and motorized FUE Extraction Machine (Device).

Tools, instruments and devices developed by the hair transplant surgeon Dr. John P. Cole for physicians and hair surgeons

The hair transplant tools were all developed by the noted hair transplant surgeon, Doctor John P Cole, specifically for use in the FUE procedure. The use of the patient’s own hair groupings called “follicular units” is a delicate process where the unit can risk damage or transaction (severing) of the hair bulb. These precision instruments can lessen the risk and provide for optimal performance and growth of the transplanted hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Punches: The different Cole Instruments Punches

Punch big400

CII (Cole Instruments, Incorporated) offers 4 different styles of punches, specifically designed with both the patient and the physician in mind. These styles include 1) Classic CII punch, 2) Serrounded punches, 3) CII Best Value Non Coated punches and 4) CII Best Value Titanium Nitride Coated punches. The physician may choose the best punch depending on whether the procedure will entail manual or power driven follicular unit extraction. In either case, results have shown a speedier removal using these instruments and a much lower transaction rate of the hair bulbs. The punches are offered in sizes ranging from .85 to 1.30 millimeters and also allow for the “Cole Isolation Technique” of minimal depth penetration, leading to greater patient comfort as well as lessened damage to the hair units.

Further Tools: Counting Incision Device and Graft Processing Boards


Above picture: The CID-Counting Incision Device

Graft Processing Board

Above Picture: The Graft Processing Board

In addition to the state of the art punches, CII offers a unique Counting Incision Device that accurately keeps count of the incisions in the area to receive the hair units. An LED display, variable blade acceptance and audible count confirmation save time and money for the physician and staff. Accurate count, without the possibility of manual counting errors, assures accuracy for billing and patient expectations. CII also offers Graft Processing Boards, with 4 wells for Processing grafts in FUE in addition to a 2 well version for Slivering in strip harvest methods. Each is available with back lighting, external lighting or both, all aimed for better visibility and less potential graft damage.

PCID – automated and motorized fue extraction hair restoration machine – device

PCID from Coleinstruments
This new device from Dr. John Cole helps the hair surgeon to improve the quality of hair transplants and to remove the grafts faster.

Currently known systems on the market to be able to remove grafts faster are known under the general terms like robotic hair transplant, Hair Transplant Roboter, or motorized FUE devices – machines.

The new PCID FUE Extractor, a special automated, motorized FUE extraction machine (device) from coleinstruments help the hair surgeons (physicians) to be less tired and that they can transplant more grafts per day,

The PCID offers several advantages over other devices and machines. For example, the device developes during the FUE harvesting no heat and will not warm. Likewise, the PCID runs completely without noise. In addition, for example, with this fue extraction instrument the exact depth can be set and many other things. This device is one of the few on the market which allows the doctor (physician) to adjust to each individual hair situation of the patient. Read more about the PCID Extractor – modern motorized fue extraction device – tool.

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FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Training Program and FUE Workshop from Doctor John Peter Cole for physicians, hair surgeons and doctors

Dr. John Cole`s goal has always been to share its accumulated know-how and knowledge to other physicians and surgeons hair in order to raise the quality of the hair transplant industry.

Are you hair surgeon,  physican or a doctor and want to be educated or trained? Dr. Cole also offers FUE Hair Restoration Surgery Training Programms and FUE Workshops for hair surgeons, physicians and doctors. For more info please contact: info@fuehairtransplantinstruments.com

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Coleinstruments offers even more advanced and distinct surgical tools and supplies all designed with both the patient and the practitioner in mind.

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